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28 July 2011

VTB Leasing signs a leasing contract with OOO Uralchem-Trans for delivery of 200 railcars

OJSC VTB Leasing has signed a leasing contract with OOO Uralchem-Trans (a member of the OJSC “OHK Uralchem” group of companies) for supply of 200 new railcars for transportation of mineral fertilizer. The railcars are to be produced by Bryansk machine-building plant.

Leasing of new special-purpose railcars will allow OOO Uralchem-Trans to significantly renovate and expand its fleet of rolling stock thus improving reliability of transportation services it provides to Uralchem group of companies.

Mr. Andrei Konoplev, CEO of OJSC VTB Leasing, commented: “VTB Leasing provided leasing services to one of the flagship companies of chemical industry – a subsidiary of Uralchem. Financing of mineral fertilizer industry companies is relevant not just for development of chemical industry in Russia – but for overall growth and strengthening of the Russian agro-industrial sector – and this is an objective of national importance. Going forward, VTB Leasing will consider further transactions aiming to modernize the fixed assets of OJSC “OHK Uralchem” group. We have successfully started our cooperation with this group and we intend to continue it further”.

According to Mr. Vsevolod Kovshov, Director of OOO Uralchem-Trans, “The company this year will significantly renovate and expand its fleet of rolling stock. Our cooperation with OJSC VTB Leasing (that provides financing to Russian manufacturing companies) plays an important role in this process. Total fleet of mineral fertilizer-carrying railcars owned, leased or under long-term lease by OOO Uralchem-Trans will increase by the end of this year to almost 2500 railcars – and total number of railcars operated by the company (including all types of railcars) will exceed 6000 units also by end of 2011. This will increase the reliability of transportation services provided by our company to Uralchem group – and this means that we will ensure guaranteed delivery of our produce to both our domestic and foreign customers”.

Reference information:

OJSC “OHK Uralchem” – one of the largest companies in the nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer markets in the Russian Federation and CIS countries; the company owns production facilities with annual capacity exceeding 2.5 million tons of ammonium nitrate, 2.2 million tons of ammonia, 0.8 million tons of monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP), 0.8 million tons of complex fertilizers and 0.5 million tons of carbamide (urea). OJSC “OHK Uralchem” is the second largest company in the world and the largest in Russia by volume of ammonium nitrate produced. The main production assets of OJSC OHK Uralchem include the Azot manufacturing facility (Berezniki, Perm region), OJSC “ZMU KChHK” (Kirovo-Chepetsk Mineral Fertilizer Plant, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kirov region) and OJSC Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizer Plant, Voskresensk, Moscow region.

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