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17 May 2011

OJSC VTB Leasing Announces 2010 Results

OJSC VTB Leasing announces unaudited financial results of its operations (under IFRS) as of December 31, 2010.
•    Revenue from core operations was 11.2 billion rubles;
•    Net profit for 2010 (under IFRS) was 1.3 billion rubles;
•    Net interest income was 2.9 billion rubles;
•    Company’s capital was 10.4 billion rubles;
•    Assets at year-end 2010 stood at 151.1 billion rubles.

Net investments in leasing (as of December 31, 2010) were 80.2 billion rubles or 1.2% less than as of December 31, 2009. Consolidated leasing portfolio (aggregate amount of clients’ liabilities under leasing agreements less leasing payments already made) including transactions of OJSC VTB Leasing and its subsidiaries was (at year-end 2010) 197.5 billion rubles. New business volume in 2010 was 93.33 billion rubles and amount of leasing payments received from clients was 39.6 billion rubles.

Key segments of leasing portfolio breakdown by industry at year-end 2010 were:
•    Railroad transportation equipment (rolling stock) comprising 60.3% of the total (119.1 billion rubles);
•    Aircraft and aviation equipment – 23.4% (46.2 billion rubles);
•    Oil production and refining equipment – 7.8% (15.4 billion rubles);
•    Power generation and machine-building equipment 4.8% (9.5 billion rubles).

Within the framework of implementation of Corporate Development Strategy for 2010-2012 the Company actively pursues cooperation with Russian and Ukrainian companies manufacturing rolling stock and other railroad transportation equipment and machinery.

Mr. A. Konoplev, general director of VTB Leasing, commented:
“During the year 2010 we significantly improved the quality of our leasing portfolio. This was partially due to our efficient work with the problem transactions and improvement of the company’s risk management systems. VTB Leasing remains the leader of the Russian market; Expert RA ratings agency awarded VTB Leasing top positions in its league tables for 2010 in the following nominations: “Largest Russian leasing company”, “Leader of the aircraft leasing sector” and “Leader of rolling stock leasing sector”. In 2010 the company saw growth of its regional transaction volume due to increased business with clients in the “medium-sized” segment; we also initiated a number of transactions for leasing of ocean-going vessels”.

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