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30 September 2010

OJSC VTB Leasing and OJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant present the 100,000th railcar produced

On September 30, 2010 in Stakhanov (Ukraine) commemorative events dedicated to production of 100,000th railcar by OJSC "Stakhanov Railcar Plant" were held. During a festive ceremony the 100,000th car was transferred to VTB Leasing under a previously signed medium-term contract for delivery of railway rolling stock.

Delegation of OJSC VTB Leasing executives, headed by Mr. Andrey Konoplev, General Director and member of the Board of Directors, participated in the event.

OJSC VTB Leasing is presently one of the largest buyers of rolling stock produced by OJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant. OJSC VTB Leasing and OJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant have signed a medium-term framework agreement for delivery of gondola railcars (model 12-9046, technical specification TU U 35.2-00210890-026:2009).

Railcars supplied by OJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant will be leased out (including under operating leasing agreements) to Russian operator companies that provide rail freight transportation services. In particular, the 100,000th railcar (in a batch of railcars) will be transferred by OJSC VTB Leasing to OJSC Siberian Coal and Energy Company (SUEK) under an operating leasing agreement. It will be used by SUEK for transportation of its freight.

Within the scope of this event a press conference was held by Mr. Andrey Konoplev, Mr. Vladimir Sultan (member of the supervisory board of OJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant, Mr. Vitaly Kasinov, Chairman of the management board of OJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant, and Mr. Alexander Lukyanenko, deputy director for rail freight transportation of OJSC SUEK.

All parties noted the positive nature of their cooperation, high level of partnership relations and positive impact of integration processes on the national economies of Russia and Ukraine. During the press conference participants answered questions from media reporters and other interested persons.

Mr. Andrey Konoplev said: “VTB Leasing congratulates the employees and management of the Plant on production of the 100,000th railcar. We are pleased that this railcar is purchased by our company. We express our interest in developing long-term fruitful relationship with OJSC Stakhanov Railcar Plant".

OJSC "Stakhanov Railcar Plant" is one of the leaders in rolling stock production sector in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Products of the Plant are meeting the needs of the industry. Railcars are delivered in strict compliance with the Plant’s contractual obligations; all output of the Plant is of high quality.

In spite of the fact that economies of Russia and Ukraine have not yet fully overcome the consequences of the economic crisis, the products manufactured by the Plant are in demand by operators of rolling stock. Economic recovery post-crisis will lead to further growth in demand for rail freight transportation services – and that in turn will lead to higher demand for rolling stock and other products manufactured by railroad equipment manufacturing industry.

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