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29 January 2010

Report on additional issue of ОJSC VTB-Leasing shares registered by the regulator

According to the decision of Federal Service for Securities Markets dated 28 January 2010 a report (filing) detailing results of an additional issue of common registered non-documentary shares in JSC VTB Leasing was registered. Shares were placed in a closed subscription.
According to the registered report on additional issue of securities by JSC VTB Leasing, the placement had the following parameters:
  • Number of securities in the additional issue: 406 452 (four hundred six thousand four hundred and fifty two) shares.
  • Par value of each security in the additional issue: 31 000 (thirty one thousand) Russian rubles.
  • Total volume of additional issue (at par): 12 600 012 000 (twelve billion six hundred million and twelve thousand) Russian rubles.

State registration number assigned to the additional issue of securities: 1-01-50040-A-002D dated 12 November, 2009. 

All shares in the additional issue were paid for by the sole shareholder of JSC VTB Leasing – OJSC Bank VTB.

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