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2 July 2009

Resolutions of the sole shareholder in OJSC VTB-Leasing dated June 30, 2009

In compliance with the resolutions of the sole shareholder in OJSC VTB Leasing dated June 30, 2009:

1. The 2008 Annual Report of VTB-Leasing is approved.
2. The 2008 annual financial statements (including the profit & loss report) of VTB-Leasing are approved.
3. The following decision was made regarding the distribution of 2008 profit of VTB-Leasing:

  • The Company will not pay dividends for 2008;
  • The Company will allocate the sum of 49,837,084.33 rubles to  the Company’s reserve fund;
  • The amount of 946,904,602.32 rubles will be added to retained earnings and used at the discretion of the Company.

4. The Company’s Board of directors, composed of five members, was elected.
5. The Company’s Audit committee, composed of three members, was elected.
6. Ernst & Young was approved as the Company’s external auditor for the year 2009.

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