Sea-going and river vessels

Subjects of leasing are sea-going and river ships.

Specific features:

  • Financing of asset acquisition by means of direct leasing;
  • Leaseback could also be arranged as an alternative method for financing of new projects, or re-financing of current liabilities or investments.


  • Financing of acquisition and building of ships in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • Opportunities of ship registration under a flag of convenience;
  • Experience in interaction with the State Register of Ships and the Russian International Register of Ships;
  • Unlimited amount of financing;
  • Making a schedule of payments with due consideration of lessee’s requests;
  • Long period of financing adequate to ship payback period;
  • Immunity of subjects of leasing against raiding or illegal property seizure;
  • No need for collateral security;
  • Applying the mechanism of accelerated depreciation reduces the tax base for calculation of income tax and property tax.

Leasing terms and conditions:

Period of leasing: up to 10 years
Amount of financing: 100m rubles or higher
Amount of advance payment: 0 to 30%