Real estate

Subjects of leasing are commercial, shopping, shopping & entertainment, office premises, industrial buildings, storage facilities and depots, and premises for other purposes.

Specific features:

  • Amount of lease payments and final price of such facilities for lessees do not depend on real estate market situation;
  • Long period of financing;
  • Monthly lease payments are comparable to rental rates;
  • Immunity of subjects of leasing against raiding;
  • No need for collateral security;
  • Applying the mechanism of accelerated depreciation reduces the tax base for calculation of income tax and property tax.


  • Transactions can be entered into throughout the Russian Federation, as well as in the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine;
  • Unlimited amount of financing;
  • Making a schedule of payments with due consideration of lessee’s requests.

Terms and conditions:

Period of leasing: up to 10 years
Amount of financing: 100m rubles or higher
Amount of advance payment: 0 to 30%