Power engineering equipment

Subjects of leasing are power engineering products such as power generation equipment, networks, power plants.

Specific features:

  • Large investments due to high cost of electric power industry facilities;
  • Normally, general contractors and suppliers are selected by lessees on a tender basis;
  • Holiday on capital repayment until the facility is commissioned;
  • Elevated requirements to lessee’s financial stability because of a low liquidity of such subjects of leasing.


  • Construction & installation work is included in the total cost of the subject of leasing;
  • Applying the accelerated depreciation method with a factor of up to 3 helps reducing the overall property tax;
  • Balance sheet structure enhancement (debt not reflected in liabilities);
  • Protection against third party claims (the subject of leasing is owned by lessor).

Terms and conditions:

Period of leasing: as agreed upon by the parties
Amount of advance payment: 10 to 30%
Individual schedule of lease payments
Currency of contracts of leasing: ruble, euro, US dollar