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25 August 2011

VTB Leasing Strengthens its Information Technology Function

In order to optimize storage of its internal regulatory documents and reference information as well as accounting registers, VTB Leasing created a common data storage and automated reporting system based on the “1C:Consolidation 8” software platform.

This system developed by employees of 1C-Rarus company allow users to rapidly create consolidated reports based on data from the data warehouse, meeting the stringent reporting deadlines of the Company. The new system also allows comprehensive data analysis in required data views and breakdowns; users can obtain full and reliable information required for decision-making support in the management process.

Mr. Kirill Aladyshev, CFO of VTB Leasing, noted: “Implementation of comprehensive solutions and leading-edge information technologies allows VTB Leasing to optimize its reporting process and to decrease data processing time. Overall, this will undoubtedly increase the overall efficiency of our company’s operations”.

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