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10 June 2010

OJSC VTB Leasing Announces Results for Q1 2010

Today OJSC VTB Leasing announces its unaudited financial results of operations (in compliance with IFRS) as of March 31, 2010.


  • Revenue from core operations of OJSC VTB Leasing was 2.7 billion rubles in Q1 2010
  • Net profit for Q1 2010 (under IFRS) was 283.3 million rubles
  • Net interest income exceeded 707.7 million rubles
  • Company’s equity was 9.8 billion rubles
  • Assets (at end of Q1 2010) were 114.4 billion rubles

Net investment in leasing as of March 31, 2010 were 83.0 billion rubles which is 2.1 billion rubles more than as of December 31, 2009

Consolidated leasing portfolio (total client liabilities under leasing agreements less leasing payments already made) including transactions entered into by OJSC VTB Leasing and its subsidiaries was 151.6 billion rubles as of end of Q1 2010.

The following industries had the largest share of the total leasing portfolio of the Company (as of end of Q1 2010):

  • Rolling stock 53.5% (81.1 billion rubles)
  • Aircraft and aviation equipment 27.5% (41.8 billion rubles)
  • Power generation and transmission equipment 4.3% (6.5 billion rubles)
  • Machine-building equipment 3.1 % (4.7 billion rubles)

New business volumes in Q1 2010 exceeded 6.8 billion rubles. Amount of leasing payments received in the whole of 2009 was 6.4 billion rubles.

Mr. Andrei Konoplev, General Director, member of the board of directors of OJSC VTB Leasing, provided the following comments:
We can state with certainty that in Q1 2010 the Company demonstrated positive financial performance. This indicates that the correct development strategy was selected for our Company within the overall group strategy as approved by the VTB Group. Our objective now is to maintain this strong performance going forward, develop the business of VTB Leasing in a sustainable and high-quality way and ensure that our Company’s financial performance further strengthens our leadership position in the leasing market.” 

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