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16 January 2012

Team of VTB Leasing Employees Assists Two Orphanages in Moscow and Stavropol Region

OJSC VTB Leasing launched its charitable project “From kind hands with love. A handful of sun” in 2011. The purpose of this project is to provide assistance to two orphanages: Children’s Home #24 in Moscow and Children’s Home #5 in Stavropol Region.

During the campaign period employees of VTB Leasing collected over 100,000 rubles of donations – this money was used to purchase household equipment, sports uniforms, tableware and flatware, personal care products, medical equipment and bed linen. One of the company’s employees provided direct assistance and arranged for three air conditioning units to be installed at the Moscow orphanage.

On the eve of the New Year 2012 a campaign was organized to collect New Year’s presents for children living at each of the two orphanages.

For further information:

Children’s home #24 (a specialized orphanage) located in Moscow cares for children between 0 and 4 years of age coming from the reception center (Children’s home #6) or from the city’s hospitals (hospital #13, infectious diseases hospital #5, hospital #67, hospital #70).

Children’s home #5 (mixed orphanage) located in the village of Bogdanovka, Stepnovsky district of Stavropol region cares for 25 children aged 10 to 18 years, including orphaned children. The orphanage attempts to provide children with living conditions that would approximate living in a family or foster care.

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